Mission Statement


CREST, Pakistan aims at filling research gaps on economic and social issues with a focus on human development and capabilities.

It also aims to influence development policy in Pakistan so as to:

  • Promote inclusive economic growth and development oriented macroeconomic and public policy reform.
  • Promote human development in Pakistan
  • Foster capabilities of people which affect outcomes in areas such as health and education.
  • Promote equality of opportunities and a just social and economic order.
  • Reduce poverty and its multiple dimensions.
  • Suggest improvement in the structures of governance.
  • Expand the knowledge base as well as broaden the conceptual and intellectual frontiers of social sciences research in Pakistan.


  • To sponsor policy oriented research in the area of socio-economic development in Pakistan.
  • To promote suitable publications in the area of social sciences.
  • To instigate debate and dialogue on important areas of socio-economic development in Pakistan.
  • To establish a rich and adequate database on a range of important socio-economic as well as political variables.
  • To establish liaison and conduct collaborative research with national and international academic and research organizations that share one or more of the objectives listed above.