About Us

Centre for Research on Economic and Social Transformation (CREST), is a policy oriented research organization/think tank that aims to conduct research and expand the knowledge base in order to facilitate informed policy making for the socio-economic development of Pakistan.

The Centre came into existence on March 14, 2009 by a small but young and enthusiastic group of economists and social science experts with a passion to undertake high quality research so as to fill gaps in existing research and to instigate further debates on important questions having potential relevance to the socio-economic development in Pakistan and the South Asian region.

The ultimate aim of the Centre is to contribute, in an effective manner, in bringing about socio-economic transformation of Pakistan’s society, economy, polity and its people. The key areas of Centre’s research include, but are not limited to, economic growth and development, poverty, inequality, health, education, Skills development through TVET and governance.

It is established as a non-registered  NGO; however, is in the process of registration.

Working With CREST


Hosted at White Rice, Islamabad.

Email: info.crestpak[at] gmail.com